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Machine Shop & Engineering

     Specialized in repairing, rebuilding and manufacturing of machinery, equipment, and parts from anything used in Food Processing to Printing Press Equipment. We perform machine turning of  O.D. and I.D, all types of threading, milling, sharpening, chrome plating, powder coating, & anodizing on all types of materials, aluminum, stainless steel, steel, brass, bronze & copper.

Die cutting, bending, shearing, slitting, fabrication and modifications to equipment, surface blanchard grinding, O.D. & I.D grinding, heat treating. We take pride in making custom parts and equipment.

Lathes swing from 35" diameter X 24' long,

Bullard Mill machine will reach up to 80" O.D.​

We have both CNC Lathes & Mills for high quantity orders.

We Specialize in working with


Need something machined?
Is the Outer Diameter to BIG?
If so we can take care of you
We can bend it, balance it, or press it. You just ask us and we can do it!!
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